Plants of Gran Canaria

I brought home beauty from the yearly summer vacation.

Urban survival

Second shoot with The Pain Machinery for their new album “Urban Survival”.

Decorated rust

Found an old worn-down shack nearby.

Dark, dirty & desaturated

Promo shoot for Kopfer Kat and their debut album which is to be released soon.


Promotional shoot for Necro Facility’s upcoming album “Wintermute”.

Engelberg, Switzerland

I was standing on top of the world with my camera.

Project-X promo shoot

Promotional shoot of Project-X.

Cryo photo shoot

Promo shoot for electronic mastermind Cryo

Kite live @ Klubb Mirage, Gothenburg

Kite did an interesting show at Progress Productions 5 year celebration.

Bangkok Dirt

The city of concrete wonders.

The Pain Machinery promo shoot

Promotional shoot for The Pain Machinery!

Necro Facility live @ Klubb Mirage, Gothenburg

Necro Facility. Kicking ass as usual.