Entering the Ice Age

Promotional shoot on account of Dupont’s new album Entering the Ice Age.

Natural wonders

The second set from my summer walk with darling. These are actually a bit more summer-y. Green and everything.

Overpasses of concrete

Took a summer walk with my darling and ended up with two different sets of photos, this is the first set, the industrial one.

Dupont live @ Klubb Mirage, Gothenburg

Progress Productions unveiled their new signing at their 5 yrs celebration: Dupont!

System live @ Klubb Mirage, Gothenburg

System played their usual blips and blops at Progress Productions 5 yrs event.

Mr Jones Machine live @ Klubb Mirage, Gothenburg

Mr Jones Machine doing a “unplugged” performance at Progress Productions 5 yrs event.

Cryo live @ Tech Noir, Kolingsborg

Cryo + lots of green lasers is a puh-wetty suh-weet combination.

Desaturated Industries, Inc. (Part 1)

Desaturated concrete, rust, machinery and dust. First part in a series.

Leæther Strip live @ Club Target, Gothenburg

123 minutes of Leæther Strip. Can’t go wrong.

Gottberg promotional shoot

A dear friend of mine asked me to take some promotional pics for his new solo project.

The Klinik live @ Tinitus 2009, Münchenbryggeriet

Veteran Dirk Ivens performed with The Klinik to bookend ten years of Tinitus festivals.

Spectra Paris live @ Tinitus 2009, Münchenbryggeriet

Spectra Paris played tunes from their debut album.